Welcome to Leggo's YouTube world

Colin's YouTube channel has had over 1 million views and 2,600 subscribers, with a core of Cornish based videos which have built up a strong following. He has also produced a series of comic blog style videos during time in hospital, documenting and chuckling at the hilarious experience of becoming an amputee.
Comedy gold!

  1. Grand Theft Cornwall
    If the violent, testosterone filled video game was set in beautiful Cornwall. A man swaps his hunt for guns to finding the ultimate pasty.
  2. Pun Championships- Valentines
    Filmed back stage just before Valentine's Day at the 2017 UK Pun Championships, finalists Colin Leggo, Samantha Baines, Lovdev Barparga and Roger Swift talk about their own valentine experiences. Punderfully romantic!
  3. Mini bits from The Poly Falmouth, 2016
    Just three weeks from leaving hospital as an amputee, Colin was in front of an 800 sold out crowd for his first gig with a prosthetic leg. No pressure not to fall over then! Filmed and edited by The Motion Farm & Paramore Productions. www.themotionfarm.co.uk www.paramoreproductions.co.uk
  4. Leggoland- Live
    The whole of Colin's 2015 show 'Leggoland', filmed at the Poly Theatre in Falmouth. The show focused on the trials and tribulations of becoming a below the knee amputee...with funny consequences.
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