Colin Leggo is a stand-up comedian, Youtube botherer and Cornish fool who
dabbles in the fine arts
of puns, word play and
having a foot made of

Colin is well known for
his unique take on Cornish culture through his popular Youtube channel.
Several of his videos
have gone viral, including
"Grand Theft Cornwall",a parody of the well known game and "Cornish Is", made popular
by Scott Mills on Radio 1.   
A huge fan of puns, Colin has been a
stand-up since 2001 and this year was 

thrilled to be one of only eight finallists
in the UK Pun Championships.
Colin is also the co founder and host of
the well loved South London club
'Comedy Trumpet' with his double act
partner Rob. Check out their club page here
for more details
Nominated for 'Best Debut Show' at the
    Leicester Comedy Festival, Colin took his
         first one man show 'Leggoland' to the
           Edinburgh Fringe the same year. The
            show recieved several four star reviews                  and featured on the WOW24's 'Top 10
               shows to see at the fringe' list.
                                  Colin's new show 'Parallels                                          of Punderment' debuted                                                 at the 2017 Leicester                                                       Comedy Festival. As                                                     the title suggests, the                                                  show features Colin's                                                 first love puns, lots and                                               lots of many                                               puns.... probably!                                                    Click here to find  out more                                    about this new silly show.